Webextreme is a webbased multilanguage configuration tool written in PHP for the freeware mailserver eXtremail. A present, there isn't a good and working configuration tool for the mailserver eXtremail, so we started this project. Maybe you think now, why eXtremail and not another mailserver? Well, in our apprenticeship we searched for a easy configurable Linux mailserver including SMTP, POP3 and IMAP support - and the only result was eXtremail. The goal of webextreme is, to support all features of eXtremail in this webbased configuration tool, that admins can manage the mailserver about the web!


We've got reached a stable state, when webextreme was completely rewritten to support eXtremail 2.x. Also most eXtremail features are implemented...


The latest version is 0.1.7, released on 2006-05-04. Download webextreme-0.1.7.tar.gz here, older versions you can find at the Sourceforge download section.

You can get the latest development snapshots from CVS, but beware - they can be unstable, non-working and may eat your server configuration!


The code shouldn't contain that many bugs anymore. But report all bugs you find to the bugtracking tool, please.


Webextreme is currently developed and maintained by Dennis Uhlemann, it was originally designed by Jochen Wennagel and Robert Scheck. If you want to get part and help us to develop webextreme, write us immediately. But please don't ask FAQs or other simple things via e-mail - thank you!

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